Mines Beach Resort



We strive to provide our guests with an exceptionally clean, safe, and friendly hotel experience.  The following Hotel Policies/House Rules have been established, based on the industry standards, management and operational procedures, and our personal experience of owning and operating Mines Beach Resort since 1997.  These Hotel Policies/House Rules are considered a part of our room reservation agreement with you. 

As a valued guest in our hotel, by reading and signing the hotel registration, you are agreeing to abide fully by our Hotel Policies/House Rules, terms and conditions, and procedures.  These Hotel Policies/House Rules are presented here to help promote our guests’ safety and stay comforts and to ensure that each guest is aware of the understanding between Mines Beach Resort and the guests.  

Our Hotel Policies/House Rules may change from time to time.




  • Our check-in time is after 3.00 pm.

  • The primary guest must be at least 18 years of age to be able to check in to the hotel.

  • Each guest is requested to check in at the Front Desk to complete the registration form, and to submit a valid Passport / Identity Card.

  • All early check-in before 3.00 pm is subject to availability. Should the guest/s request to proceed for early check-in a surcharge of RM100 after 6.00 am, will be imposed.

  • All early check-in before 6.00 am will be charged an equivalent of a full night room rate.


  • Our check-out time is before 12.00 pm.

  • Each guest is requested to check out individually at the Front Desk.

  • Should you require an express check-out, please approach our Front Desk to get more information.

  • All early departures will be charged the full room rate for all room nights reserved.

  • All late check-out requests are subject to availability. Any guest who requests late check-out between 12.00 pm and 6.00 pm, will be subject to a surcharge of RM100.

  • All check-out from 6.00 pm onwards will be charged an equivalent of a full night room rate. 



  • We do provide a complimentary WIFI internet connection to all of our guests. Please approach our Front Desk for more information.

  • We do provide complimentary coffee, tea, and bottled water in the room limited to the number of registered guest/s in the room. Any additional request may be subjected to extra charges.



  • Our guests, staff, and facility safety are extremely important to us.

  • Cooking in the rooms, outside food and raw food materials, durians, mangosteens, and cooking appliances are prohibited at the Hotel.

  • Except for the microwave (depends on room type) and refrigerator units that the hotel provides, preparation of food in guest rooms in any form or using any type of cooking appliances is STRICTLY prohibited. 


  • Durians and Mangosteens fruits are prohibited to be brought into the hotel.  


  • Pets are not allowed in the building of the hotel.



  • Smoking is not permitted in all of the guest rooms. Evidence of violation against our smoke-free principle will result in a charge of RM250 to your hotel room bills.




  • Children below 12 years old are to be accompanied by parents or guardians at all times.




Guests are liable for any missing, damage howsoever caused (whether by deliberate, negligent, or reckless act) to the room (s), hotel’s premises, and/or property caused by you or any person in your party whether or not staying at the hotel during your stay.  Mines Beach Resort at its sole discretion reserves the right to retain your credit card and/or debit card details as presented at registration and charge or debit the credit /debit card of an amount deemed appropriate to compensate or make good the cost or expenses incurred and/or suffered by Mines Beach Resort as a result of the aforesaid.




Guest Rooms found with trash or waste is strewn around disorderly will be subjected to a cleaning fee, administration fee, and/or third parties fees for thorough cleaning and sanitation maintenance.


Should this damage come to light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right and you hereby authorize us to charge your credit or debit card for any damage incurred to your room or the Hotel property during your stay, including and without limitation for all property damage, missing or damaged items, smoking fee, cleaning fee, guest compensation, etc.


We will make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting a specialist to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that the guest would incur to a minimum.




Damage to rooms, fixtures, furnishing, and equipment including the removal of electronic equipment, towels, artwork, etc. will be charged at 100% for a full and new replacement value plus any shipping and/or handling charges. Any damage to hotel property, whether accidental or wilful, is the responsibility of the registered guest for each particular room. 

Any costs associated with repairs and/or replacement will be charged to the registered guest.  In extreme cases, the police report will be lodged and criminal/civil charges will be pursued.


Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to Mines Beach Resort property caused by themselves, their guests and/or any person for whom they are responsible.

In case of damage caused to the Hotel by the Guest, the Guest is liable to cover all costs of the damage caused to the hotel.



Mines Beach Resort reserves the right to amend, modify, change, cancel, vary or add to these Hotel Policies/House Rules or the arrangements and content featured on our Hotel website at any time without prior notice.  Please check our website regularly for updates to Hotel Policies/House Rules. Any modification to these Hotel Policies/House Rules that occurs before your departure is considered a part of your reservation’s agreement with us. A copy of these Hotel Policies/House Rules is located on our website, in the Guest Room Compendium, and available from Front Desk staff upon request.




Guests are given a key card upon registration and are particularly requested to lock the door of their rooms when going out or going to bed. Mines Beach Resort will not in any way, whatsoever be responsible for any loss/or damage to the Guest’s belongings from either the Hotel room or any other part of the Hotel of any cause whatsoever, including theft.





Weapons, explosives, inflammable objects, and materials or other dangerous chemicals or goods of hazardous nature are strictly prohibited on Hotel premises.


The Guest shall be solely liable and responsible to Mines Beach Resort, other guests, invitees, visitors, and personnel for all loss financially or otherwise and damage that may be caused by such articles and/or as a result of the Guest’s own negligence and non-observance of such rules and instructions.


Never leave your personal things or any belongings unattended. Safety Deposit boxes are available in all of our rooms.




Mines Beach Resort reserve the right to take action against any guest or visitor found to have tempered or interfered with any detection equipment throughout the hotel, including Fire and Smoke Detector Heads in Public Areas, Guest Rooms, Break Glass Points, Fire Hose Reel, and Fire Extinguisher.


Guest or visitors found to have tempered with any fire detection or fire-fighting equipment will be charged with any costs incurred by the hotel due to their actions and will be evicted from the hotel. Depending on the severity of the guest’s actions, law enforcement may become involved at the hotel’s discretion. Should the fact that fire-fighting or detection equipment had been tampered with to come light after the guest has departed, we reserve the right and you hereby authorize us to charge you for any damage incurred to your room or the Hotel property during your stay, including and without limitation for all property damage, missing or damaged items, cleaning fee, guest compensation etc.




It is agreed that the Guest will conduct him/herself in a respectable manner, not to provide any disturbances to other guests, and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the Hotel premises.


In case of breach of Hotel Rules and Management Policies by the Guest, the Hotel Management has the right to request any guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the Hotel forthwith, without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the Guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. In case of default, the Hotel Management has the right to remove luggage and belongings from the room occupied by the Guest.


The Hotel Management reserves the right to add, alter or amend any of the above Terms, Conditions and Rules.




Guests are requested to observe, abide by, confirm to and be bound by all applicable acts and laws and Government rules and regulations of Malaysia.


Illegal drugs or other articles, the possession of which is prohibited by the laws of Malaysia.


No criminal offense, according to Malaysian Law, may be committed on the premises.


Mines Beach Resort Management